Scottvideo | Aberdeen Wedding Video » Scottvideo is an Aberdeen-shire based wedding video company, founded by Scott Cassie

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Wedding video company Scottvideo specialise in creating beautiful films


It is is our belief that your wedding video should capture the essence of your special day.


We aim for high production standards when it comes to your wedding video. Getting good sound makes such a dramatic improvement to your viewing experience. And of course the image is just as crucial. That’s why we recently invested in the Canon Cinema line of cameras. They provide us with stunning picture quality even in lowlight conditions.


When it comes to the editing of your wedding video many hours are spent building the right feel to your story. We utilise music and voice-overs to enhance the emotions onscreen. The final master is colour graded and sound engineered for a consistent polished finish.


Scottvideo have been in the wedding video business for over 8 years now. We mainly serve Aberdeen and the surrounding area. But are also keen to explore other areas of Scotland such as Inverness.